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Adhesive instead of welding

Welding requires equipment, skill and time. Moreover, a welder is usually not a grinder, meaning that two skilled workers will have to work on one product. This makes the welding process very expensive. Most railing and handrail systems of SB-Railing use adhesives. This means no more hauling of welding equipment and gas bottles and no risk of damages due to welding spatters.

No grinding, because all products have a K320 finish.

Adhesives are strong

Do you still have doubts concerning the strength of welded adhesive components? Did you know that the British were already using adhesives for the wing structures of fighter planes before the Second World War?

The automotive and aircraft industries have also been using innovative adhesion technologies for many years.

Adhesive regulations

For an optimum result, it is important to observe the regulations.

Click here for the "Assembly step-by-step plan for durable adhesion" (pdf)

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